Occupy with Words and Wine - film

My father‘s wine corks developed from small round slices into little cubes: this way the physical shape re-enforced the message.
With these cubes I created a new game:
the cubes are three-dimensional and could carry a message on 4 sides. Not all sides are used to leave people space to write their own words, in a way giving them a forum to speak up and react. Finally, one can form his / her own message by combining the cubes in new positions. In other words: it‘s a form of interactive storytelling.

On my blog you can find lots of examples about a wide range of topics, but all centered around a similar theme: protest.


I made short movies to visualize the concept of the cubes and the design, illustrating the four sides with space for words and empty sides for people to leave their message.

https://vimeo.com/59847945 https://vimeo.com/58397737 https://vimeo.com/57270245 https://vimeo.com/56656035